Combination of rigidity and toughness: Highway guardrail has a certain degree of rigidity and toughness, which can effectively absorb energy when subjected to impact, reducing damage to vehicles and passengers.Sight guidance function: The highway guardrail has a beautiful appearance and can
2024/04/13 10:26
The most common materials used in highway guardrail processing are steel, aluminum alloy, and galvanized steel plate.Steel plays an important role in the manufacturing of highway guardrail due to its high strength and durability. It can effectively prevent vehicle collisions and has good anti-
2024/04/07 11:50
1.Basic treatment: Before construction, it is necessary to carry out basic treatment on the road surface, including construction of ramps, filling, excavation, etc., to ensure that the road foundation is flat and meets the requirements of highway guardrail installation.2.Installation and fixation
2024/03/29 09:47
Firstly, in the initial design and installation process of highway guardrail, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant standards and specifications. The installation of columns must be firm, buried underground to a depth that meets the design requirements, and kept perpendicular to the horizon.
2024/03/22 12:48
Structurally, highway guardrail is usually made of steel plates that have been stamped and then hot-dip galvanized or sprayed with plastic. The highway guardrail treated in this way not only has excellent anti-corrosion performance and can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as
2024/03/13 14:21
Highway guardrail is an important traffic safety facility, mainly used in road facilities such as highways, bridges, and tunnels to ensure driving safety. It is usually composed of soil foundation, columns, beams and other parts, which use the deformation of these parts to absorb collision energy
2024/03/08 11:29
Highway guardrail is safety facilities specifically designed for use on highways. Their main function is to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the road or crossing the central median, ensuring driving safety on highways. Compared with general highway guardrail, highway guardrail has higher safety
2024/03/04 09:45
1、 Meet government requirementsWhen designing highway guardrail, they should meet the requirements of the local municipal traffic management department. Reasonable structure and high safety. Moreover, the highway guardrail occupies a certain volume, and if not designed properly, it can obstruct the
2024/02/26 13:19
1. The highway guardrail can be reinforced on the soil shoulder, and can be used in the design structure of bridges, passages, and large-span concrete culverts. In the process of guardrail installation in the main building project, the first step is to install bolts through flanges and foundation.2
2024/02/22 12:49
The quality of guardrail beam still depends on their specific use, as it is only during use that the product can be truly judged whether it is good or not. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention during use and conduct investigations before purchasing.The installation requirements for
2024/02/18 14:25
The reflection problem of guardrail beam is also a particularly important issue in daily inspection. Guardrail beam that have lost their reflection effect cannot provide drivers with correct direction guidance at night, so reflection inspection is also important to pay attention to!The waveform
2024/02/01 10:22
Firstly, the price of guardrail beam mainly depends on their production cost. This includes the cost of raw materials, processing costs, as well as transportation and storage expenses. Among them, the cost of raw materials accounts for the main part of the price of guardrail boards. Generally
2024/01/26 12:08