The price of guardrail beam varies due to factors such as material, specifications, brand, manufacturer, and purchase quantity.For example, the price of two or three wave traffic anti-collision guardrails provided by certain manufacturers may range from tens to hundreds of yuan per meter. The
2024/04/18 13:03
The main surface treatment methods for guardrail beam include hot-dip galvanizing and spray painting.Hot dip galvanizing is a common surface treatment method for guardrail beam. Through a series of process steps such as acid washing, water washing, adding plating solution, drying, hanging plating,
2024/04/09 10:58
Safety protection: The main advantage of highway guardrail is their excellent safety protection performance. When a vehicle loses control or collides, the guardrail can effectively absorb and disperse the impact force, reducing the degree of injury to the vehicle and passengers caused by the
2024/04/01 10:31
Firstly, the material of the guardrail beam has a significant impact on its lifespan. For example, hot-dip galvanized national standard guardrails have a relatively long lifespan due to their good anti-corrosion performance. In addition, the surface treatment method, anti-corrosion performance and
2024/03/25 09:24
1.Regular dust removal: Due to the accumulation of outdoor dust, the surface of the guardrail beam may be covered with a layer of floating dust, which not only affects the glossiness of the guardrail beam, but also may cause corrosion, rusting, and cracking of the protective film. Therefore, the
2024/03/19 12:19
The guardrail beam in the highway guardrail is its main component, playing a crucial protective role. The guardrail beam is usually composed of soil foundations, pillars, beams, and endurance boards, which work together to absorb collision energy and guide out of control vehicles to change
2024/03/15 12:32
Guardrail beam not only has the advantages of good impact resistance, low cost, long service life, and higher safety, but the beautiful design is also coordinated with the highway environment, improving the overall aesthetics of the road.In recent years, with the improvement of road safety
2024/03/11 11:48
Firstly, guardrail beam should have sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the impact force of vehicle collisions, prevent vehicles from crossing or collapsing through guardrail beam and thus avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents.Secondly, guardrail beam should have good energy
2024/03/06 11:47
The factors in the performance testing environment of highway guardrail may lead to the unsuccessful performance of roadside safety hardware equipment. Guardrail terminals are typically developed and tested for selected ideal scenarios aimed at covering most but not all possible in-service
2024/02/29 12:12
① Inspection method: When preparing for the inspection, the inspection personnel should carefully inspect the technical condition of the inspection vehicles and communication equipment, verify the handover records of the inspection, and develop an inspection plan. During the inspection of guardrail
2024/02/25 10:44
During the construction process of highway guardrail, it is important to accurately grasp various facilities. Firstly, the accurate positions of various pipelines buried in the roadbed should be ensured that they do not cause any damage to underground facilities during the work process.2. Column
2024/02/20 11:49
Due to the fact that some highway guardrail are used outdoors, it is inevitable that they will be exposed to wind and rain, so corrosion or damage is relatively normal, and their service life may be shorter than indoor guardrails.The service life of highway guardrail is determined by different
2024/02/06 09:27