Vehicular impact guardrail C post

Classification: Guardrail Beam C Post

Brand Name: FORST

Brief Introduction:
Guardrail BeamC Post Specifications:Normal Sizes 1830*150*60*25

Thickness:4-6mm Different sizes can becustomized Raw Material Q235B/Q355B

Product Details

The galvanizing method of C post can generally be carried out by the following steps:

1. Material procurement: First of all, we must choose the appropriate C post material, usually choose galvanized steel or galvanized steel.


2. Prepare the surface: Before galvanizing, ensure that the surface of the C post is smooth and free of impurities or dirt. Tools such as brushes or sandpaper can be used to clean and sand the surface of the post.


3. Pickling treatment: Put the C column into the pickling tank, and use pickling agent to treat the surface of the column to remove the surface oxidation and rust. A dilute sulfuric or hydrochloric acid solution can be used for pickling.

The production process of the C post

Material selection: Cut the raw material slats, use the bending machine to form, a total of 4 times bending molding

Quick Details of  Guardrail Beam C Post

Place of Origin

Shandong, China

Brand Name:


Product name

C Post


S235JR S355JR

Surface treatment

Hot Dipped Galvanized


Impact and corrosion resistant








Support guardrail beam


silver white



Packaging Details


Shipping port

Qingdao Tianjin or other

Supply Ability

15000 Ton/ per Year

The method of installing C post is as follows:

Secure the post: Secure the column to the support using screws to ensure that the c post is stable and not loose.

Check and adjust: Check the stability and verticality of the column after installation. If necessary, use a wrench to fine-tune the c post to ensure that the c post is vertical.

 Follow-up: If necessary, install other components or connections, such as beams or connecting plates, using screws and nuts for connection.

Product picture of  Guardrail Beam C Post:

Vehicular impact guardrail C post

When the vehicle hits the guardrail due to loss of control, the guardrail will deform with the impact force, and the force will be transmitted to the guardrail c block, the c block between the c post and the guardrail will have a effect, will play a buffer role, and then deform, weaken the impact force, slow down the possibility of the vehicle flying out, and provide a certain degree of protection for people and vehicles.

w beam guardrail c post

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