Roadside guardrail U post

Classification: Road U Post

Brand Name: FORST

Brief introduction:

The galvanized requirements for guardrail U post mainly include the following points:

1. Thickness of galvanized layer: Generally, it is required to be above 60 microns to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the U post of the guardrail.

2. Flatness of the zinc layer: the galvanized layer on the surface should be uniform, smooth, and free from falling off, and a complete metal zinc layer is required to cover the surface of the steel structure.

3. Zinc layer adhesion: The galvanized layer adheres firmly to the surface of the steel structure and cannot fall off or peel off.

4. Surface after galvanizing: The surface should be smooth, free from impurities, blemishes, obvious oxidation, pitting, lead stains or rust marks. Under the premise of meeting the requirements, the steel plate, steel pipe or steel bar with galvanized layer is generally used to directly make the guardrail U column. In short, the galvanized requirement of the guardrail U column is mainly to improve its corrosion resistance and service life. In the process of use, it is also necessary to pay attention to timely maintenance and maintenance to ensure its long-term use effect.

Product Details

Guardrail with U post, U-shaped block, bolts, washer, splicing bolts, which is the general choice of African countries

Product picture of Road U Post:

u post.jpeg u post

Specification of Steel Guardrail U Post

Normal Sizes


Other specifications can be customized

Surfacce treatmentHot dipped galvanized or plastic sprayed coating
Applicabele StandardsJT/T2811995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China), AASHTO M180(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA), RAL RG620 (German) or any other International Standards
Base SteelGrade S235JR ( according to DIN EN 10025 and Gr. Daccording to ASTM A283M) or S355JR (ASTM A529M 1994)
Zinc layer thickness550g/m2 (40µ) or 1100 g/m2 (80µ) or 1200 g/m2 (85µ) or as per your request

Packaged and shipped of Road U Post

Roadside guardrail U post

At present, the total length of roads in Africa is about 1.3 million kilometers, about 78,000 kilometers of railways, and about 52,000 kilometers of inland waterways. The maritime industry plays an important role, and the aviation industry has also developed rapidly in recent years.

 U post

Our factory will produce guardrail in time according to the customer's order requirements, order containers according to the quantity after the production is completed, and ship containers.

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