Kenya Nairobi Bridge Guardrail Beam Project

2023/02/13 11:55

This is one of the projects of our Kenyan Mr. Madia. Located in Nairobi City, this project is to install guardrail beams on bridges. 

There are 5 bridges in this section with a total length of 375 meters.

The bridge guardrail adopts the design of flange posts and guardrail beams. The height of the flange posts is 450mm, and the

 flange posts are fixed on the concrete with screws.

As a well-known guardrail beam contractor in Kenya, Mr. Madia has provided supply and installation services for many roads

 in Kenya. FORST is Mr. Madia's good friend and good brother. We will consistently provide Mr. Madia with high-quality products

 and contribute to Kenya's road safety.

Bridge Guardrail Beam